Chengjiang County Restaurants

Do you think of Cengjaing make your mouth water? Then share your best restaurant tips with other foodie travelers. What kinds of cuisine is Chengjiang known for? What are the best established restaurants? What are the local delicacies? What are the local delicacies? Come here you will find the answers. The city’s restaurants borrow influences from all over the region, all of which border Yunnan Province to the south. Savory noodle and stir-fry dishes packed with chilies are mainstays of this diverse cuisine.

Jinshui restaurant 金水酒店 

Address:In the Lufeng science spots of Chengjiang county in Yuxi.玉溪市澄江县禄充景区内

Tel :0877-6610809

Yuanfu Rest元富饭庄

Address:Gate of Xiaoxicheng on Chengbo road of Chengjiang county in Yuxi. 玉溪市澄江县澄波路小西城村口


Xianhu Fish restaurant 仙湖边鱼庄

Address:Lichang Fish Cave science sopts pf Chengjiang county in Yuxi.玉溪市澄江县立昌鱼洞风景区


Stone Pot Fish 石锅鱼 

Address:South of Huancheng road of Chengjiang county inYuxi.玉溪市澄江县环城南路附近

Tel :15987292574