Dianhong Black Tea Expert—ZHANG CHENGREN

Master of  Primary Processing | ZHANG CHENGREN. The Inheritor of Dianhong tea production techniques Dean of the Dianhong Research institude. 

Inheriting the Dianhong tea production techniques, Mr Zhang Chengren dedicates his career life to the primary processing of the tea making and scientifically controlling the picking, withering, rubbing, fermentation, and drying processes. He believes that to ensure the quality of raw materials, the primary processing should follow the  ‘5 Levels’ system. The basis is to secure the Fresh, and appropriate withering is the premise. Full rubbing is the key, and the degree of fermentation is the center, and two times of drying is the guarantee. These five levels are related and linked to each other. The techniques in these five levels are all related to one another, combined with each other, and interact with each other. Only each of the applied techniques all works can produce the good quality tea.