Fengqing County Restaurants

1. Tongxin Food House(凤庆县同心美食楼)

Address: South Dianhong Road, Fengshan Town, Fengqing County, Yunnan(凤山镇滇红路南段)

Tel: 15925493369

Special: Wild chicken, other Local dishes

2. Xila  Flavor(锡腊风味)

Address: In the Opposite of Fengqing Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Fengqing County(临沧市凤庆县疾病预防控制中心对)

Tel: 0883-4263486

Special cuisine: Fengqing cuisine and a variety of flavors, hot and sour based. Pickled fish(酸菜鱼 ), fried pork rids(油炸排骨), Yu Xingcai salad(凉拌鱼腥菜).

3. Xiao Caiyuan(小菜园)

Address: Dawenba, Dongshan Temple, Fengwu Road, Fengqing County(临沧市凤庆县凤梧路东山寺大坟坝)

Tel: 0883-4213517

Special cuisine: varous kinds of famous Fengqing snacks. Wild mushroom, mashed chicken(手撕鸡), etc.

4. Dai Flavor Restaurant(傣味园)

Address: Dianhong South Road, Fengshan Town, Fengqing County(凤山镇滇红南路)