Restaurants in Lincang

1. Tongxin Food Restaurant(凤庆县同心美食楼)

Address: South Dianhong Road, Fengshan Town, Fengqing County, Yunnan(凤山镇滇红路南段)

Tel: 15925493369

Specialty: Free ranged chicken, Local dishes

2. Xila  Flavor(锡腊风味)

Address: In opposite of Fengqing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(临沧市凤庆县疾病预防控制中心对面)

Tel: 0883-4263486

Specialty: Fengqing cuisines and a variety of flavors, hot and sour based. Pickled fish(酸菜鱼 ), Fried pork rids(油炸排骨), Yu Xingcai Salad(凉拌鱼腥菜).

3. No.1 Steakhouse

No,1 Steakhouse is a Western-based restaurant, with characteristic flavor. The restaurant’s environment is beautiful and comfortable. The food in the restaurant is of various kinds, and the price is moderate.

Chinese name一号牛排馆

Style of cookingWestern-style food

Average price per person: ¥98

Address: Yingxin Road, Yunxian County, Lingcang, Yunnan(Nearby Yunxian County Bus Station(临沧市云县迎新路, 近云县客运站)

Tel: 0883-3199901

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