Restaurants in Yanjin County

In Yanjin county, there are many restaurants which offer different kinds of dishes and flavor.  Some ethnic people inhabit here, giving Yanjin some ethnic restaurants. Here listed some famous local restaurants as follow:

At Will Restaurant(随意饭店)

Price: 35 Yuan for each person

Style: Sichuan Cuisine, Yunnan Cuisine

Tel: 0870-6624323

Address: No.2 of Dongtian Street in Yanjin county, Zhaotong city(昭通市盐津县洞天街12号)

Swan-falling Rice Field Fish Villa(落雁稻田鱼庄)

Price: 60 Yuan for each person

Style: fish meal, Sichuan Cuisine

Tel: 0870-6632889

Address: the opposite of the local tax bureau training center in Yanjin county, Zhaotong city

Muslim restaurant(清真餐馆)

Price: 20 Yuan for each person

Style: Muslim food, beef

Tel: 13578020525

Address: Dousha Pass in Yanjin count, Zhaotong city(昭通市盐津县豆沙关)