Restaurants in Zhenxiong County

Zhenxiong county lies in the junction area of Yunnan province and Guizhou province, the eating pattern of Zhenxiong people is influenced by Guizhou Cuisine. So , there are many restaurants in Zhenxiong which mixes Guizhou Cuisine and Yunnan Cuisine together. Some famous local restaurants are listed as follow:

The Same Place Restaurant(都一处饭店)Price: 45 Yuan for each person

Style: Yunnan Cuisine

Tel: 13887137668

Address: on the opposite of Ci Shuiyuan monitoring station in Zhenxiong county, Zhaotong city(昭通市镇雄县赤水源检测站斜对面)

 Yunnan-Sichuan Restaurant(滇蜀酒楼)

Price: 80 Yuan for each person

Style: Sichuan Cuisine, Yunnan Cuisine

Tel: 0870-3843073

Address: near the No.302 national road in Zhenxiong county, Zhaotong city(昭通市镇雄县302省道附近)

The Emperor of the Land Restaurant(大地帝食府)

Price: 70 Yuan for each person

Tel: 0870-3135999

Address: the middle part of the Dragon Well Road in Zhenxiong county, Zhaotong city( 昭通市镇雄县龙井路中段)