Training Schools

In 2018, Yunnan’s secondary vocational education (including technical schools) enrolled 230,000 students, 650,100 internal students and 168,700 graduates. On this page, we introduce you the Training Schools in Yunnan, including the cities of Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-La, etc. 

Training Schools in Kunming

By 2018, Kunming had 81 secondary training schools, with 187,200 students and 4,830 full-time teachers.

English Name Chinese Name Address Tel
Yunnan Xinhua Computer School 云南新华电脑学校 Opposite the tourist center of Xishan scenic area昆明市西山风景区对面 0871-8419968
Yunnan Wantone Aotomotive College 云南汽车专修学院 No. 1580, Wentai road, Dabanqiao street, Guandu district昆明市官渡区大板桥街道印刷工业园文泰路1580号 0871-5337257
Yunnan Urban Construction Vocational College 云南城市建设职业学院 Yanglin Vocational Education Park, Songming County云南省昆明市嵩明县杨林职教园区 0871—6223516,8197771
Professional College of Arts 昆明艺术职业学院 Xiaxichun Park, Guannan avenue云南省昆明市官南大道夏之春园区 0871-7328866、7328609、7328315
Yunnan Vocational College of Mechanial & Electrial Technology 云南机电职业技术学院 Ciba town, northern suburb of  Kunming city昆明市北郊茨坝镇 0871-5212075
Yunnan Traffic Technician College 云南省交通高级技工学校 No. 727, Chuanjin Road昆明市穿金路727号 0871-5625270

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Training Schools in Dali

English Name Chinese Name Address Telephone
Dali Vocational and Technical College of Agriculture and Forestry 大理农林职业技术学院 Nearby Daoying Park of Three Pagodas, Dali City(大理市三塔倒影公园附近) /
Dali Technician College 大理技师学院 Shanghe Village, Dali City, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture(大理白族自治州大理市上和村) /
Dali Nursing Vocational College 大理护理职业学院 No. 3 Weiwen Street, Haidong Town(海东镇蔚文街3号)  
Dali University 大理学院(下关校区) No. 22 Wanhua Road, Xiaguan Town, Dali City, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture(大理白族自治州大理市下关镇万花路22号) (0872)2219959
Yunnan Radio and Television University(Dali Campus) 云南广播电视大学(大理分校) No. 17 Yubin Road, Dali City, Dali Prefecture(大理州大理市榆宾路17)  

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Training Schools in Lijiang

English Name Chinese Name Address Telephone
Lijiang Traffic Vocational and Technical School 丽江市交通职业技术学校 No. B-59, South Area, Lijiang Bus Station(丽江客运站南区商B-59 (0888)5150095
Lijiang Bona Vocational Training School 丽江博纳职业培训学校 Xueshan Road, Gucheng District, Lijiang(丽江市古城区雪山路) (0888)5358955
Huayang Academy for Language & Culture 华洋语言文化学校 No.113, Xueshan Middle Road, Gucheng District丽江市古城区雪山路雪山中路113号 (0888)518 9198
Xinzhi Art Vocational Training School 丽江市欣之艺职业培训学校  Jixiang Baiweifang, Jixiang Road, Gucheng District古城区祥和街道庆云路吉祥百味坊商 /
Lijiang Guoli Vocational Training School 丽江市国立职业培训学校 Yuze West Road, Lijiang丽江玉泽西路 /

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Training Schools in Shangri-La

English Name Chinese Name Address Telephone
Elite Cultural Training School 精英文化培训学校 No. 78, Jiantang Road, Shangri-la香格里拉市建塘路78号 0887-8288660
Aierxin Accounting Training School 爱尔信会计培训学校 No. 125, Chibuka Commercial Pedestrian Street /
Wenzhenshilin Class 问真士林学堂 No. 45, Jiantang East Road建塘东路45号 13988708558
Diqing Teachers Continuing Education Center 迪庆中小学教师继续教育中心 Wenhua Road, Jiantang Town建塘镇文化路 /
Longcheng Driver Training School 迪庆州隆成驾驶员培训有限责任公司 No.11 Kangding Road康定路11号 (0887)8238861

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Yunnan Education Tours

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