Tea Research Institute and College

Tea Research Institutes and College in Yunnan contribute a lot to the development of tea industry in Yunnan, such as tea planting technology, tea product development and improvement, as well as cultivation of related professionals.

Tea Research Institute of Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences

The Tea Research Institute of the Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences (云南省农业科学院茶叶研究所), established in April 1938, was the first tea research institute in Yunnan, and is now under the leadership of the Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences. It is the only provincial-level public welfare tea research institution in Yunnan Province that is engaged in tea scientific research, development, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, personnel training and exchange of tea science and technology at home and abroad. At present, there are functional departments such as Tea Germplasm Innovation and Improvement Center, Tea Planting Project Center, Tea Plant Protection Research Center, Tea Processing and Testing Center, Tea Economy and Tea Culture Research Center, Scientific and Technological Achievements Demonstration and Transformation Center, and the 165th National Institute of Vocational Skills in Yunnan Province.

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Tea Sciences Research Institute of Dianhong Group

Located at 99°54′ east longitude and 24°36′ north latitude, the Tea Research Institute in Dianhong group covers an area of 16.7 hectares, including 10 hectares of experimental demonstration tea gardens. there are more than 1,500 germplasm resources in the biggest tea germplasm resources nursery in China. research and development team is here to carry out tea varieties breedingA strong , new product research, development, cultivation and other works, providing technical support for the development of the company as well as industrial construction.

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Deepure Biotea Valley in Puer

“Deepure Biotea Valley”(普洱市帝泊洱生物茶谷), located at No. 1, Deepure Avenue, Pu’er, is a production industrial park constructed by Yunnan Tasly Deepure Biotea Group Co., Ltd. under Tasly Holding Group. “Deepure Biotea Valley” sets up seven industrial tourism modules by innovative management through combination of tea and tourism. The seven modules are: (1) industrial tourism, landscape explanation, development of Pu’er tea, history of Deepure, processing and fine and further processing of Pu’er tea; (2) tasting Pu’er featured table meal, local tea meal, Yunnan flower feast, healthy vegetarian meal and special hand pilaf; (3) tea-making experience in the garden of tea farmers, where visitors can experience the traditional tea picking, processing, repression and tasting; (4) tea ceremony learning, multi-media and three-dimensional traditional tea culture learning experience; (5) parent-child activities, summer camp, wedding planning, sport events, outreach training, peak barbecue, custom alumni party, etc.; (6) private custom travel, vehicle leasing, tea break, conference room rental, etc.; and (7) happy farm with a sea of flowers for visitors to have fun.

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Pumen Tea Company in Yunnan

Yunnan Fengqing Pumen Tea Co., Ltd.(凤庆蒲门茶业) is a professional enterprise integrating tea planting, scientific research, processing, production, sales and service. The company was established in 2010 with a registered capital of 160 million yuan and is located in Dianhong Ecological Industrial Park, Fengqing County. Fengqing is located in the core tea-producing area of Lancang River Basin and is famous for its long history of tea planting, tea making and tea culture. The company has a high-quality tea base of more than 20,000 mu, of which the ancient tree tea base of more than 500 mu. The company takes the market demand as its starting point and relies on a unique location.

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Tea Experts in Yunnan

Tea experts plays vital role in processing tea products. They contribute to the development and improvement of the tea-making craft, as well as the inheritance of intangible cultural heritages related to tea-processing crafts. Both Puer Tea and Dianhong Black Tea owns experts devoting their life time to researching and exploring more beyond the existing skills.

Dianhong Black Tea Experts

Puer Tea Experts