Company Profile

Company Profile of Yunnan Exploration mainly introduce what is Yunnan Exploration, what is our mission, why choose us, etc.

Explore every corner of the mysterious land of Yunnan with Yunnan Exploration. We want you to have an unforgettable experience every time you travel. That’s our one and only goal here at Yunnan Exploration.

Who We Are? – A Local tour operator based in Kunming the capital city of Yunnan Province. We have been the local sightseeing experts offering a wide range of daily tours covering all of Yunnan. We’ve been providing tour services for travelers for over twenty years. Although about 80% of our clients come from North America, we have travelers from all four corners of the globe and we are constantly adding travelers from new countries to our customers.

We provide not only private tour packages, budget join-in tours, and tailor-made tours, but also all kinds of Yunnan travel services, including ticket booking, hotel booking, car rental, restaurant reservation, etc.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with unforgettable tours, which will stay with them for eternity.
To make our tours educational, relaxing and therapeutic experience, through our warm friendly service.
To provide each visitor with an enriching sightseeing experience in Yunnan.

Why Choose Us

We are local. Our familiarity with Tibet gives more advantages than other tour operators out Yunnan and we also understands Tibet well.
Trustworthy travel agency. We run our entire business based on Integrity and Honesty.
Excellence and Professionalism in everything we do for our customers making tours easy, whether seasoned traveler or first time visitor.
Real care customer service. We make it a top priority to listen to and learn our customers’ needs, in order to make their Tibet tours more enjoyable.
Customer Protection. We make sure that our customer’s protection guaranteed, so that they will have a peace of mind while touring with us.
Prompt Response 24/7. We are always there for you from the first e-mail or phone call to the moment you are safe back home.

Our Staff

Our staff are made up of local and international tour experts with a vast experience in the tourism industry. We consistently recruits qualified staff and train them to offer our client the highest level of customer services, whether you contact us over the phone or via e-mail, our open minded, qualified and warm-hearted people who works with will do their best to answer all your tour and trip questions since they are known for their attention to detail and rapid response to any client.

Career Opportunities

We consistently recruit qualified staff and train them to offer our clients incredibly attentive service. Career opportunities of has no discrimination contrary to race, color, religion, sex or national origin. All and sundry are welcome to joining our happy family.