Yunnan Travel Guide

Tai Chi and KungFu Tour

Wushu is the Chinese word for all forms of traditional Chinese martial arts. Wushu is characterized by its dynamic and fluid motions. It can be practiced with bare hands, or with an assortment of weaponry. Originally created for military applications, it has, over thousands of years, grown into a sport, and performance art. In China, it is the most popular national sport. Its emphasis has shifted from combat, to competition and is practiced for self defense, mental discipline, and its health benefits. There are many different forms of Chinese Wushu. The two most famous are Shaolin Boxing and Tai Chi.  Visitors to China can see many people practicing Tai Chi in the open areas, either parks or city squares.

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Tips Before Travel

Bring copies of your passport

Don't assume you're restricted to the main hubs of Beijing and Shanghai, our tours can start from any city.

Register with your embassy

For your safety, please register with the Embassy.

Always have local cash

Exchange some local currency for your trip

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