Tai Chi and KungFu Tour

Wushu is the Chinese word for all forms of traditional Chinese martial arts. Wushu is characterized by its dynamic and fluid motions. It can be practiced with bare hands, or with an assortment of weaponry. There are many different forms of Chinese Wushu. The two most famous are Shaolin Boxing and Tai Chi.  Visitors to China can see many people practicing Tai Chi in the open areas, either parks or city squares. There is a good news for whom travel to Yunnan, and want to learn martial arts, Authentic Shaolin Kung Fu Training is available in Shaolin Temple Yunnan (also called Guandu Shaolin Temple), which is located in Guandu Ancient Town, Kunming City. Songshan Shaolin Wushu Academy invites you to take part in this training course to experience a very new challenge in your life, strengthen your body and mind, as well as have chances to explore Chinese culture via its delicious cuisines, friendly people, and amazing landscapes. Medicinal Martial Arts Training for Women is also provided by Shaolin Temple Yunnan. World class authentic Shaolin monks will teach women in goal-orientated groups. You can also learn about Mandarin Chinese, Chinese traditional medicine, and Chinese culture among others!