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With its unique topography,abundant rainfall and mild climate,Yunnan provides ideal conditions for tea growing and production,which makes it one of the top producers for tea in china.Thus,Yunnan also enjoys the reputation of “the homeland of tea trees”.

In recent years, more and more tourists travel to Yunnan for tea culture discovery. Tea Gardens, Tea Plantations, Tea Manors, Tea Factory, Tea Moountain Villages and Ancient Tea Horse Road have been the hot destinations for Yunnan Tea Travel, especially the Six Famous Tea Mountains in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan. Tea culture related expositions and events such as China International Puer Tea Festival in Puer and King of Tea Tree Festival in Xishuangbanna are also good chances for Yunnan Tea Culture Exploration.

Yunnan Tea Tours will take you to visit the most popular tea mountains and Tea Plantations in Yunnan Province. Yunnan is the home town of Puer Tea and Dianhong Black Tea. Travel along the Ancient Tea Horse Road, and explore these tea plantations and local tea factories in DaliLincangPuer and XishuangBanna. Chinese tea acts as beverage, pastime, culture icon, and undoubtedly a way of enjoyment for thousands of years. They are spread to the other parts of the world through trading routes of Silk Road and Tea & Horse Road along with silk and porcelain. Experience Chinese tea culture by exploring mist-covered mountains and plantations and meantime pay a visit to magnificent palaces and historical landmarks. Puer Tea and Dianhong Black Tea will be your trip highlights of Yunnan tea tour. Yunnan tea culture tours help you to do a deep research of Chinese tea and have the chance to enjoy various famous tea in Yunnan. How to plan a tea tour of Yunnan? and  Yunnan Tea Travel Tips will be very helpful for your China tea trip.

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Yunnan Tea enjoys a worldwide fame since the ancient time. Yunnan is a significant part of the Ancient Horse and Tea Road. The tea produced in Xishuangbanna and Pu’er are transited to Tibet, India, Nepal since 6th centuries. Nowadays, Yunnan is one of the top tea producers in China. Puer Tea is main produced in Xishuangbanna and Puer. Dianhong Black Tea is mainly produced in Lincang. Yunnan black and Tuo Tea also gain domestic popularity.

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