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There is no greater driving adventure than taking a self-driving tour across China. It’s exciting, memorable, and educational. While driving in China is difficult, especially for anyone not used to local conditions. Self-driving in China is not a simple game by only an international driving license, actually it is a complicated project work. When you plan a self-driving tour in China, you have to take these things into considerations, such as Car Rental, China Driver’s LicenseChina Traffic Rules and other related guides and tips. If you do rent or buy a car, consider hiring a driver with it; this is relatively cheap and will enable you to enjoy your visit more.

China Yunnan Self-driving Tours include self-driving routes to northwest Yunnan (Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-La) and Xishuangbanna, as well as Yunnan Border Self-driving Tours (Yunnan – Xinjiang Self-driving Tours, China – Thailand Self-driving Tours).  China self-driving tours in Yunnan will bring you a lifetime adventure experience and will show you the true depth of diverse ethnic minorities culture and historical culture in China and you could see kinds of landscape and landforms on the way. Our tours are designed exclusively for experienced drivers seeking the ultimate undiscovered holiday. Check the top quality, high-end tours all year round, you can find one for Yunnan Travel. 

Self-driving Tour in Yunnan
Self-driving Tour in Yunnan

China government is strict with the self-drive overland tour with foreigner’s vehicle due to high sense of defence and safety of passengers. So the permits from a lot of government departments are required and it is really a complicated project taking about 3 months normally. Only all of the permits are done can the traffic police issue temporal driving license and temporal plate for the foreigner. Many tourists thought they could drive in China merely with an international driving license or carnet paper, actually it is wrong. Without these documents, they will be stopped at the gate of China for sure. And international driving license is not valid in China, but they can be the efficient proof for obtaining China temporal license.

And in these overland tours, the route must be fixed in advance before the application went through the government department because they will check the route carefully to see if it passes by some military or sensitive area, therefore the route can not be changed once they pass through it. Also the date of entering and leaving China is also fixed but can be minor flexible. And daily driving distance is flexible, can be controlled by yourself.  

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