Minority Discovery

Yunnan has the largest number of ethnic population in China with 25 ethnic minorities including Bai, Yi, Dai, Naxi, Hani, Miao, Tibetan, Hui and Yao, etc. The unique ethnic minorities culture make Yunnan the most colorful and majestic region in China. Yunnan Minority Discovery Tours will take you to tradtional ethnic villages and ethnic towns in Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Honghe, Chuxiong, Dehong and Xishuangbanna, ect. You can visit local family, local ethnic market, cutural sites such as temples and monasteries and inheritor of intangible cultural heritages in Yunnan, or join in local ethnic festivals like Munao Zongge Festival, Water Splashing Festival, Long Street Banquet Festival to get a better understanding of Yunnan ethnic culture and folk customs. You definitely will have great fun by discovering the ethnic villages, enjoying the local performance and taking parting in the local big event. Plan a Minority Discovery Trip in Yunnan? Yunnan Exploration will make the best plan for you.