Ethnic Towns in Yunnan

There are altogether 152 ethnic towns in Yunnan, which are distributed in 51 counties, 8 autonomous counties, 6 counties, 8 municipalities, 8 municipal districts and 75 county-level administrative regions. Among them, Yongsheng County and Lancang Lahu Autonomous County have the most ethnic towns, and Yi ethnic group has the most ethnic towns.

Definition of Ethnic Towns

Ethnic towns are one of the administrative divisions in China. They are at the same level as subdistrict, towns, townships, sumu, ethnic sumu and the districts of county. They belong to the township-level administrative region and are under the jurisdiction of the county-level administrative region, established in the areas where ethnic minorities live together in China. Towns with ethnic minorities accounting for more than 30% of the total population may apply for the establishment of ethnic towns in accordance with regulations; in special cases, the proportion may be slightly lower.

Yunnan Ethnic Towns by Administrative Region

Yunnan Ethnic Towns in Baoshan(11)

Yunnan Ethnic Towns in Chuxiong(4)

Yunnan Ethnic Towns in Dali(12)

Yunnan Ethnic Towns in Dehong(5)

Yunnan Ethnic Towns in Diqing(3)

Yunnan Ethnic Towns in Honghe(6)

Yunnan Ethnic Towns in Kunming(7)

Yunnan Ethnic Towns in Lijiang(18)

Yunnan Ethnic Towns in Lincang(13)

Yunnan Ethnic Towns in Nujiang(3)

Yunnan Ethnic Towns in Puer(12)

Yunnan Ethnic Towns in Qujing(8)

Yunnan Ethnic Towns in Wenshan(16)

Yunnan Ethnic Towns in Xishuangbanna(7)

Yunnan Ethnic Towns in Yuxi(10)

Yunnan Ethnic Towns in Zhaotong(17)

Yunnan Villages and Towns Tour

There are many villages and towns that are still keeping the pure life, ancient culture and long tradition in Yunnan. Among these ancient villages and towns, most of them are in the areas ethnic people live. It’s a chance to know Yunnan traditional and ethnic culture. Step into the villages or towns, visit local families, eat local food, do some hiking around the villages or towns, and stay overnight in their houses, etc. All of these make the tours much more mysterious, worthwhile and interesting. Below are some recommended tour packages for you.

1 Day Yingjiang County Kuoshi Festival Tour to Xiamengpi Lisu Ethnic Village

6 Days Yunnan Ancient Villages Tour with Puzhehei Scenic Area

6 Days XishuangBanna and Puer Ethnic Culture Tour

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