Yunnan Hotels

A wide range of hotels are available for visitors from China and abroad in Yunnan Province. There is a large selection of hotels ranging from the three to five-stars in Yunnan. Most are located in the city’s center, and some are located near some of Yunnan’s most famous and popular scenic spots.

Basic Information of Yunnan Hotels

Visitors will not only have easy access to some of their city’s most famous sites, but are also located in the center of the commercial and entertainment districts of their respective city. Many of the desk workers and concierge of each of Yunnan’s hotels can speak English, so the language barrier is not a problem. They will serve each guest with great hospitality and do everything in their ability to make visitors feel at home.

Yunnan’s five-star hotels are all comprehensively-facilitated, and are designed to make guests feel relaxed and refreshed after their daily tours. The facilities in Yunnan’s four-star hotels are also well designed and managed. The major difference is in regards to location. In Yunnan’s three-star hotels, visitors also receive wonderful service but with lower prices. The room rates in Yunnan’s hotels are within the norms of Chinese hotel prices. Most hotels usually have vacancies on most days.

For some spots like Tiger Leaping Gorge, there are no star rated hotels available. Only small hotels and guest houses can be found. Although lacking in some of the amenities of the larger hotels, these hotels and guests houses are very clean and family run. The operators of these small hotels do go out of their way to make guests feel comfortable and are proud to show off their traditional Chinese hospitality.

Recommended Hotels in Kunming

Kunming is the capital and largest city in Yunnan Province. Kunming accommodation conditions are very mature, with a variety of starred hotels, inns, guesthouses. There are a lot of accommodation options in Kunming.

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Recommended Hotels in Dali

As an international tourist city, Dali has abundant hotels. Travelers can choose different levels of hotel according to your needs. Dali accommodations are concentrated in Xiaguan and Dali Ancient TownXiaguan is now the political and economic center of Dali, and the tourist facilities are also very perfect. If you want to experience the ethnic customs of Dali more deeply, we suggest you to stay at the old town of Dali.

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Recommended Hotels in Lijiang

there are a lot of inns and hotels in Lijiang with different standards. Lijiang, as one of the important destinations in the Classical Yunnan Travel, is famous for the numerous hotels and you can always choose the most suitable hotel for your Lijiang Tour.

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Recommended Hotels in Shangri-La

With the popularity of Shangri-La in the world in recent years, more and more people come to visit this wonderland, so Shanri-la accommodation is convenient. Shangri-la has many modern or traditional Tibetan hotels to choose from.

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