Yunnan Birding Travel

Bordering Burma, Vietnam, and Laos, the state of Yunnan lies at the crossroads of Asian bird diversity. It is the most bird-rich province in China, with a distinctly subtropical feel in the south. People are often surprised to hear that Asian elephants and many other classic jungle mammals survive in this part of China. The largely mountainous terrain supports an incredible variety of forest types, and wetland refuges and powerful rivers increase the variety of habitats to explore. With our visit timed for late winter, many migrant species from further north boost the species number, including the enigmatic Black-necked Crane.
Yunnan is the best place for birding tour in China.We maily arrange Yunnan birding tour to Western Hills and Dianchi Lake in Kunming, Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake in Dali, Gongli Gongshan Mountain and Liafengshan in Tengchong, Yingjiang County and Ruili City in Dehong, Lashihai Lake in Lijiang, Napahai Lake in Shangrila, Menglun Tropical Botanical Garden in XishuangBanna, Nianhu Lake in Qujing as well as Dashanbao Nature Reserve in Zhaotong.