Trains to Yunnan

At present, there are 9 prefectures and cities in Yunnan province that has railways including Kunming, Qujing, Dali, Lijiang, Chuxiong, Yuxi, Zhaotong, Honghe, Wenshan. With the development of railway construction, Yunnan will be transformed into an international corridor leading to southeast Asia and South Asia. Kunming, serving as the transport hub of Yunnan province, can be reached by most cities of China. Travelling by train is a better option if you travel between Yunnan and neighboring provinces Sichuan, Guizhou, and Guangxi. Bullet trains from Beijing, Shanghai, Jinan, Nanjing, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou are available to Kunming. It takes 20+ hours for inter-province sleeper trains to Yunnan. Below are the info on high-speed trains running to Kunming.

Beijing to Yunnan by Train

Beijing, the capital of China, is the major gateway and first stop for foreign tourists to travel in China. You can experience the old culture of China through visiting the cities of Beijing. Regularly there are 6 trains running from Beijing to Kunming, including normal speed trains and high-speed trains. From every Friday to next Monday, there is one additional high-speed train available. The schedules are listed as follow for your reference.

Train No. Departs(Station/Time) Arrives(Station/Time) Duration Fare(CNY)
G403 Beijing West(08:00) Kunming South(18:43) 10h43m 1147.5(Second Seat)
K433 Beijing West(08:42) Kunming(05:02) 44h20m 849(Soft Sleeper); 536(Hard sleeper)
G405 Beijing West(10:05) Kunming South(22:34) 12h29m 1147.5(Second Seat)
Z161 Beijing West(12:34) Kunming(22:32) 33h58m 849(Soft Sleeper); 536(Hard sleeper)
K473 Beijing(16:16) Kunming(12:23) 44h07m 814.5(Soft Sleeper); 513.5(Hard sleeper)
D939 Beijing West(19:35) Kunming South(10:29) 14h54m 851.5(Second Seat)
Z53 Beijing West(21:16) Kunming(07:25) 34h09m 849(Soft Sleeper); 536(Hard sleeper)

Shanghai to Yunnan by Train

Shanghai, a booming megalopolis mixing East and West, ancient and modern. It is an international metropolis with a blend of rich history and fashionable modernity. At present, there are 7 trains running from Shanghai to Kunming, including normal speed trains and high-speed trains. The schedules are listed as follow for your reference. 

Train No. Departs(Station/Time) Arrives(Station/Time) Duration Fare(CNY)
G1371 Shanghai Hongqiao(07:22) Kunming South(19:18) 11h56m 879(Second Seat)
G1373 Shanghai Hongqiao(08:55) Kunming South(19:34) 10h39m 879(Second Seat)
G1377 Shanghai Hongqiao(09:28) Kunming South(21:20) 11h52m 879(Second Seat)
G1375 Shanghai Hongqiao(11:15) Kunming South(23:06) 11h51m 879(Second Seat)
T381 Shanghai South(16:55) Kunming(08:00) 39h05m 786.5(Soft Sleeper); 497.5(Hard sleeper) 
K79 Shanghai South(18:26) Kunming(06:09) 35h43m 747.5(Soft Sleeper); 471.5(Hard sleeper) 
K739 Shanghai South(19:36) Kunming(08:23) 36h47m 747.5(Soft Sleeper); 471.5(Hard sleeper) 

Guangzhou to Yunnan by Train

Being one of the three most important cities of China, Guangzhou is always the economic, political and cultural center of the southern region. It is a city with the glory of traditional revolution in the modern history of China. There are 20 trains running from Shanghai to Kunming, including normal speed trains and high-speed trains. The schedules are listed as follow for your reference. 

Train No. Departs(Station/Time) Arrives(Station/Time) Duration Fare(CNY)
K231 Guangzhou(05:32) Kunming(10:16) 28h44m 515(Soft Sleeper); 328(Hard sleeper)
D3802 Guangzhou South(06:54) Kunming(16:10) 09h16m 445(Second Seat)
D3806 Guangzhou South(07:24) Kunming South(16:29) 09h05m 434.5(Second Seat)
G2932 Guangzhou South(07:54) Kunming South(14:19) 06h25m 535.5(Second Seat)
D3814 Guangzhou South(08:28) Kunming(17:28) 09h00m 445.0(Second Seat)
G2926 Guangzhou South(08:36) Kunming South(15:02) 06h26m 535.5(Second Seat)
D3818 Guangzhou South(08:36) Kunming(17:28) 09h42m 445.0(Second Seat)
D3822 Guangzhou South(08:36) Kunming South(14:19) 08h57m 434.5(Second Seat)
K365 Guangzhou(09:50) Kunming(11:05) 25h15m 515(Soft Sleeper); 328(Hard sleeper)
D3826 Guangzhou South(09:54) Kunming South(19:06) 09h12m 434.5(Second Seat)
D3830 Guangzhou South(10:42) Kunming South(19:27) 08h45m 434.5(Second Seat)
D3834 Guangzhou South(11:06) Kunming South(19:47) 08h41m 434.5(Second Seat)
D3838 Guangzhou South(11:24) Kunming South(20:24) 09h00m 434.5(Second Seat)
D3842 Guangzhou South(11:56) Kunming South(20:48) 08h52m 434.5(Second Seat)
D3846 Guangzhou South(12:33) Kunming South(21:20) 08h47m 434.5(Second Seat)
G312 Guangzhou South(13:08) Kunming South(19:44) 06h36m 535.5(Second Seat)
D3854 Guangzhou South(13:14) Kunming South(21:57) 08h43m 434.5(Second Seat)
D3858 Guangzhou South(13:45) Kunming South(22:19) 08h34m 434.5(Second Seat)
G2922 Guangzhou South(16:07) Kunming South(22:46) 06h39m 535.5(Second Seat)
K1205 Guangzhou(17:23) Kunming South(21:08) 27h45m 515(Soft Sleeper); 328(Hard sleeper)

Chengdu to Yunnan by Train

As the homeland of giant pandas, Chengdu is one of the historic cities in China, with a long history of over 3,000 years. It enjoys the title of “the land of abundance”, not only for its abundant grain products, but also for its rich tourism resources. At present, there are 7 trains running from Chengdu to Kunming, including normal speed trains and high-speed trains. The schedules are listed as follow for your reference. 

Train No. Departs(Station/Time) Arrives(Station/Time) Duration Fare(CNY)
G2883 Chengdu East(08:51) Kunming South(14:30) 05:39 487.5(Second Seat)
K853 Chengdu(08:54) Kunming(05:28) 20:34 381.5(Soft Sleeper); 244.5(Hard sleeper)
K113 Chengdu(13:00) Kunming(07:34) 18:34 372.5(Soft Sleeper); 238.5(Hard sleeper)
K145 Chengdu(14:28) Kunming(09:01) 18:33 372.5(Soft Sleeper); 238.5(Hard sleeper)
G2887 Chengdu East(15:06) Kunming South(21:44) 06:38 487.5(Second Seat)
K985 Chengdu(16:03) Kunming(10:46) 18:43 372.5(Soft Sleeper); 238.5(Hard sleeper)
G2889 Chengdu East(16:06) Kunming South(22:52) 06:46 487.5(Second Seat)

Besides, there are high-speed trains from Chongqing, Guilin, Guiyang, etc.

Departure Station Arrival Station Type of Trains Daily Shifts Duration
Chongqing West Kunming South G trains About 5 About 5 hours
Guilin / Guilin North Kunming South G trains & D trains About 4 5-8 hours
Guiyang North Kunming South G trains About 32 2-2.5 hours