Tea Plantations in Yunnan

Tea plantations in Yunnan are also the hot destinations for Yunnan Tea Tours, they are the best places to explore tea culture and also the ethnic culture in the tea mountain villages.

According to historic records, Yunnan has a history of 2,100 year since it domesticated the aboriginal tea (known as the ‘wild tea’). In Yunnan province, the 800-year-old cultivation type ancient tea tree is still growing in the Nannou Mountain of Menghai County, the 1,700-year-old ancient wild tea tree now growing in Bada of Menghai County and the 1,000-year-old ancient tea tree now growing in Bangwei of Lincang Prefecture which indicates the transition between the wild and cultivation types. They are praised as the ‘Three Ancient Tea-tree King’ of the world. Those ancient tea trees are regarded as the ‘living fossils’ of Yunnan’s aboriginal tea plants.

There are more than 100 tea plantations and tea mountains in Yunnan distributed in Lincang, Dali, Puer and XishuangBanna as well as Honghe and Wenshan prefectures. Here we listed most of the tea plantions in Yunnan Province.

Regional Distribution of Tea Plantations in Yunnan

Tea Manors in Yunnan

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