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Yunnan is rich in water resource, offering the best rafting sites such as Three Parallel Rivers (Jinsha-Yangtze River, Nujiang-Salween River, Lancang-Mekong River) in Western China. Yunnan Exploration provides Yunnan Rafting Travel to Tiger Leaping Gorge (most exciting), Duoyi River (tender waterflow), Nanla River (tropical scenery), The First Bend of Yangtze River (magnificent riverside view), Nanxi River (picturesque natural scenery), Nanpan River (most romantic), Lancang-Mekong River (mysterious trip) and Nujiang River (spectacular scenery). The rafting tours along the upper Yangtze River is the most popular one! Whether you are on vacation or just want to seek for adventurous activities, rafting is a great way to enjoy yourselves. Yunnan River Rafting Travel offers a comprehensive equipment outfitting and easy access to the river via safe, engineered steps. Grab your oars and get ready to rage with this exhilarating rafting adventure on the river. 

Upper Yangtze River Rafting Tours

Nujiang Grand Canyon Rafting Tours

Tiger Leaping Gorge Rafting Tour

Lancang -Mekong River Cruise 

Yunnan Travel Guide for River Rafting Adventure