Tea Markets in Yunnan

Tea Markets in Yunnan are thriving due to the booming development of Puer tea. If you plan to buy Puer tea or Dianhong Black tea in Yunnan, and wanna have a wide choice of tea products, tea markets in Yunnan are your good choices. According to the tea production areas, Kunming, Pu’er, Lincang and Xishuangbanna have the most concentrated tea trading centers.

Tea Markets in Kunming

In Kunming, there are famous Yunnan tea markets like Tea Trading Market; Qianjin Yunnan Tea Culture Square; Kangle Yunnan Wholesale Teamarket, etc. Yunnan tea quality is good and have good market, Yunnan tea have made outstanding contributions to Yunnan economy.

Name  Location
Kangle Wholesale Tea Market / 康乐茶文化城 Guannan Avenue, Guandu District
Xiongda Wholesale Tea Market /雄达茶文化城 No.1, Jinshi Road, Panlong District
Yunnan Jinshi Wholesale Tea Market /金实茶城 South Gate of Jinshi Housing Estate, Jinshi Road, Panlong District
Guochagang Tea Market / 国茶港 No. 46 Wangzhu Road, Wuhua District
Qianwei Tea Culture Square /前卫茶文化中心 Qianxing Road, Xishan District,
Bangsheng International Tea Culture Center /邦盛国际茶城 Shuangfeng Road, Guandu District
Dashanghui International Tea Market /大商汇国际茶城 Xiwang Road, Xishan District
Xiyuan Tea Market / 西苑茶城 No. 684-3, West Renmin Road
Tangzixiang Tea Culture Center / 塘子巷茶文化城 No. 35, Wujing Road, Guandu District
Juhuayuan Tea Market / 菊花园茶叶市场 No.113, Dongjiao Road
Shijicheng Tea Market / 世纪城茶叶市场 Guikun Road, Guandu District
Luoshiwan Tea Culture Center /螺蛳湾国际茶文化城 North Caiyun Road, Guandu District

Tea Markets in Pu’er City

Name  Location
Yunnan Puer Tea Trading Center 云南普洱茶交易中心  No. 1, Yuanding Road
Old Tea Market /老茶叶市场 Twins Avenue, Mojiang County
Puer Tea Market in Tea -Horse Old Town 茶马古镇普洱茶交易市场 Biayun Road, Simao District
Dashaba Wholesale Tea Market /大沙坝茶叶批发市场 Dongshan Road

Tea Markets in Xishuangbanna

There are lots of tea houses dotted in Jinghong City and Menghai County in Xishuangbanna. Besides the Guangzhuang Xishuangjing Scenic Area where many tea houses are located, the following two markets are the concentrated Puer tea trade areas.

Name  Location
Jinglan International Tea Market /景兰国际茶城 No.7, Menglong Road, Jinghong City
Menghai Tea Market / 勐海茶城 Menghai County

Tea Markets in Lincang

Lincang is the major production area of Dianhong Black Tea, visit tea markets in Lincang, you can have the wide choice of Dianhong Black Tea products.

Name  Location
Lincang Tea Market /临沧茶叶市场 No. 11, Wanlong Lane
Fengqing County Tea Market /凤庆县茶叶交易市场 Fuguang Road, Fengqing County
Mengku Tea Market /勐库茶叶交易市场 Mengku Town of Shuangjiang County