Honghe Spring Golf Club

Basic Information about Honghe Spring Golf Club

  • Chinese Name: 红河春天高尔夫俱乐部
  • English Name: Honghe Spring Golf Club
  • Location: West of Ecology Lake of Mile County, Honghe, Yunnan province

Honghe spring golf club is located in the south of Huquan ecological park in Mile County, Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Province, covering an area of 2208 mu. The master plan includes karst original ecological forest park, leisure business district, Spa Resort Hotel, international health care center and other projects. This project of springs for gentle slope hills mountain terrain, natural ups and downs and the vegetation condition is fine. Vision of the field is open with beautiful scenery, it is an ideal place for recuperation on holiday. The company’s goal in the next three years to build a “Asia’s most distinctive world-class mountain health vacation house and karst mountain stadium”.

Features of Honghe Spring Golf Club

Honghe spring golf club has a large natural gully and bluff, constitute characteristics of plateau karst features. The stadium is also rich of geothermal hot springs, for health resort provides rare natural resources. Here, with a wonderful view of the city’s lake from its clubhouse, Honghe Spring’s fairways wind their way between gullies and cliffs to form a 7017-yard testing layout.

Also featuring a hotel and spa, Chinese and Thai restaurants, outdoor bar and café, health centre and card rooms, there is no shortage of activity or places to relax and enjoy the healthy environment.

How to Get to Honghe Spring Golf Club

Honghe Spring Golf Club is 148km away from Kunming. From Kunming, along Kunming-Shilin highway to Mile county, drive 940 meters along Qiaoweng road, cross Mile forestry building on the right, turn left, drive 240 meters, turn right ahead into Wenquan road, drive 200 meters along Wenquan road, reach the destination (on the left side of the road).

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