Zhenkang County Accommodation

Zhenkang borders on Myanmar and has close relations with Myanmar. With the development of foreign trade, opening-up both internally and externally and tourism, the economy and infrastructure of Zhenkang have been improved. Accommodation in Zhenkang is convenient.

        1. Zhenkang Anran Hotel(镇康安然大酒店)

           Address: Guomen Road, Nansan Town(南伞镇国门路)

           Tel: 0883-3115666

           Tips: This is a four-star hotel.

      2. Zhenkang Lindu International Hotel(镇康临都国际大酒店)

           Address: South Princess Road, Nansan Town(南伞公主路南段)

           Tel: 0883-6635666

     3. Zhenkang Xinfutai Hotel(镇康鑫富泰酒店)

         Address: The North Side of Princess Road, Nansan port, Nansan Town(南伞口岸公主路北侧)

         Tel: 0883-6631538

     4. Zhenkang Yongxaing Hotel(镇康永祥酒店)

         Address: Nansan NewTown No.8(南伞新城8号)

         Tel: 0883-6634666

     5. Zhenkang Garden Business Hotel(镇康花园商务酒店)

         Address: The Intersection of Guomen Road and Mengying Road(国门路和勐英路交叉口)

         Tel: 0883-6621888

     6. Zhenkang Xingyun Hotel(镇康兴云酒店)

         Address: Princess Road, Nansan Town.(南伞镇公主路)

         Tel: 0883-6623288

     7. Zhenkang Guojin Hotel(镇康国金酒店)

         Address: Taihe Road, Zhenkang County(镇康县泰和路)

         Tel: 0883-6635099

     8. Zhenkang Jingyi Hotel(镇康景怡宾馆)

         Address: Taihe Road, Zhenkang County(镇康县泰和路)

         Tel: 0883-6635885

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