Terms & Conditions

Yunnan Exploration Service Clause

1. The confirmation and affiliates of Yunnan Exploration Travel service clause.

The rights of ownership and operation for YunnanExploration.com Member Service owes to YunnanExploration.com (Kunming) Co., Ltd.(YET) The services provided must be strictly enforced in accordance with its constitution, terms of service and operational rules. Users through the process of completing registration and clicking “Send” button, which means the user reached an agreement with YunnanExploration.com (Kunming) Co., Ltd., and accept all the terms of service.

2. Service Introduction

YET uses its own operating system to provide users Network Services through the Internet. Users must:

provide the equipment, including a personal computer, a modem with Internet device.
go on line and pay the telephone charges relate to this service individually.
Considering the importance of YET Member Service, users should agree to:

providing timely, accurate and detailed personal information.
updating personal registration information, with timely, detailed and accurate requirements. All the original typed information will be used as registration information.
In addition, users may authorize YET to provide his or her basic information to a third party. But YET is not allowed to publish users’ additional information. Unless:

the user require YET or authorize someone to disclose this information by e-mail services.
relative legal requirement and procedure require YET to provide the user’s personal information.
If a user provides his or her information inaccurately, YET will keep the right of ending user’s YET Member Service.

When enjoying YET Member Service, the user should agree to accept various types of information services from YET Member Service.

3. Changes of service terms

YET will, if necessary, amend the Terms of Service. And once the terms of YET Member Service change, the company will remind users the change contents on the website before they go into next-step-use. If you agree to the changes, press the button “I agree”. Otherwise your membership will be promptly cancelled.

YET users need to confirm two points to continue to use YET Member Service:

First, user should confirm the terms of YET Member Service and its changes;
users should agree to accept all the terms of service restrictions.
4. Services Amendment

YET reserves the right to modify or discontinue services momentary without noticing YET users. When YET exercises the right of modifying or discontinuing, the company does not take any responsible for YET users or any third party.

5. The Privacy System of YET Users

Respect YET users’ privacy is a basic policy for YunnanExploration.com (Kunming) Co., Ltd. Therefore, as the supplementary for the second point about the personal information of the registration above, YET will not publish, edit or disclose the user’s supplementary information and the private contents preserved in YET Member Service, unless there is a legal permission to require, or YET considers it is necessary to publish these information based on honesty in these three situations:

comply with the provisions of relevant laws and legal procedure in YET Member Service.
keep and protect the ownership for YET trademark.
in case of emergency, maintaining user’s personal and the whole public’s privacy safety as much as everyone could.
meet other related requirements.
6. YET user’s ID, password and security

Once you register successfully and become a YET user, you will receive an ID and a password. If you cannot keep your ID and password safe, you will take whole responsibility. In addition, each YET user must be fully responsible for the activities and incident in his or her ID. You can change your password and icons whenever you want; or you can also end the old account and re-opened a new one. If you find any illegal use of user ID or security loophole, please immediately contact to YET.

7. Refuse to Provide Guarantees

Users should explicitly agree to take full personal risk of using the mail service from users of personal risk. YET expressly disclaims any type of guarantee, whether explicit or implied – but do not have any restrictions for commercial implied guarantees, specific purpose and appropriate security which do not violate the provisions. YET does not guarantee that services will certainly be able to meet every requirement of users, or whether services will not be interrupted.

Moreover, YET takes no responsible for service timeliness, security, or any other error occurred. YET refuses to provide any security, including whether the information is accurate, timely and smooth delivery. It depends on the users themselves to understand and accept any information (downloaded or received through YET Member Service), thus they should be responsible for data loss or damage on the user’s own system. YET users will never receive any verbal or written comments or information from YET and will not make a clear guarantee here.

8. Limited Responsibility

YET is irresponsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, special and following damages, which resulting from: improper use of YET Member Service, the illegal use of services or changes in the information users send. These damages will lead to damaged image of YET, so YET has already raised the possibility of such damage.

9. Storage and Restrictions of YET Member Service information

YET is irresponsible for cancel or failure storage of information published by users. YET has no ceiling-limitation for information transmission, but it reserves rights to determine whether user’s actions meet the requirements of the Terms of Service and the spirit. If a user violates any rule of it, his or her service account will be disrupted. All the articles in this website belongs to original authors YET all together, any people who need reprint articles in the site should be with the consent of the original author or YET authorized.

10. YET User Management

YET users get the responsibility for publishing content only. Service usage of users is based on the use of all local laws, national laws and international legal standards which are applicable on the website services. Users must:

be in line with China’s relevant laws and regulations while releasing information.
not use YET Member Service for illegal purposes.
not interfere or confusion network services.
obey all terms of the network services agreement, regulations and procedures completely.
YET Member Service is to send and receive information through the Internet. Therefore, the user’s behavior is in accordance with national guidelines on the Internet regulations, policies and procedures. Users must promise not to transmit any illegal, harassment, scandalously, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene and other information. In addition, users can not transfer any information abetting others to act as a crime either; or transferring the materials contributing to domestic adverse conditions and relating to national security; any material against local laws and regulations, national laws and international laws are not allowed to transfer. Unauthorized and illegal access to other computer systems is and prohibited. If the user’s action does not meet the items mentioned above, YET will make an independent judgment of the immediate abolition of user services account.

Users should bear legal liability for their action in the YET Member Service. If users spread, dissemination of any reactionary, pornographic or other violations against national laws, and the system record in the YET Member Service may be used as the evidence.

11. Security

Users agree to protect and preserve profits of YET and pay legal fees because of using service beyond the scope of services, compensation fees for violating the terms of YET Member Service the damage, and recourse charges for other people using YET user’s computer, account and other Intellectual property rights.

12. Ending the service

YET users or YunnanExploration.com (Kunming) Co., Ltd. may stop YET Member Service at any time based on actual situation. YET need not interrupt the service at any time because of take responsibility for any individual or third party. If the user is opposed to any suggestions in any service item or object the terms of the modified terms, or be dissatisfied with the service of YET Member Service, users only have the recourse right as following:

no longer use YET Member Service.
terminate user’s qualifications of YET Member Service.
announce YET to stop the user’s qualifications of service.
After end user services, the user’s right of using YET Member Service suspend immediately. Since then, YET will not take any obligation for the user.

13. Notice

All notices sending to users can be issued via e-mail or regular mail delivery. YET will transmitter to users news service by e-mail, telling them the amendment, service changes, or other important items.

14. Take in the Advertisement Planning

Users can add information in propaganda materials or advertising planning, show their products in free-service in YunnanExploration.com Member Service. Any of such promotions, including goods transport, payment, services, business conditions security and description related to advertising only occurs between users and advertising salesman. YET takes no responsibility; YET Member Service has no obligation for such kind of advertising sales to take any part of the responsibility.

15. The Ownership of message contents

The definition of YET user includes: text, software, sound, photographs, video, graphics, and all contents in the ad., full contents of e-mail and the commercial information provided by YunnanExploration.com Member Service. All of these are protected by copyright, trademarks, labels and other property ownership laws. Therefore, YET users can only use these contents through the authorization from YET and relevant advertisers. Thus, no one can copy, reproduce these contents, or create content-related derivative products without any permission.

16. The Law

Terms of E-mail Service agree with the country’s national laws analysis, including controversial and conflictive contents in the law. Both YET users and YET agree to be subject completely to the High Court. If there is any terms of service contrary to law, these provisions will be re-analysis as close as possible, while other provisions maintain their legal effects and impact on the YET user.