1 Day Shaxi Ancient Tea Horse Road Hiking Tour from Mapingguan Village to Mijing Village

Tour Route: Shaxi – Mapingguan – Mijing (沙溪 – 马坪关 – 弥井村)

Transfer along the bumpy road from Shaxi Ancient town to Mapingguan Village, visit Mapingguan and take a short break there, hike from Mapingguan Village to Mijing Village via a mountain pass and some dense forest and valleys.
Arrive in Mijing Village, visit the vilalge and Misha River. Transfer back to Shaxi Ancient Town in the late afternoon.

This trail has experienced higher levels of foot traffic in recent years, due to renewed interest in the Tea and Horse Road and Shaxi’s emergence as an increasingly popular tourist attraction.

South of Shaxi, this trail leads west through scrubby pine forest, and offers fabulous views of the Shaxi valley. Look down and you might see some cobblestones from the old caravan trail, which has fallen into a state of disrepair.

After several hours, you will reach Mapingguan, a tiny village nestled in the forest, where it is possible to stay and eat. From here, the trail continues in the same direction, finishing south of Misha town along the Misha River.