Dayao County Dining

With a distinct geographical environment and different living habits, Dayao County has various local traditional cuisine. Both Dayao County snacks or local restaurant are all available in Dayao County. Now we tell tourists what and where to eat here.

What to Eat in Dayao County?

1. Mutton Soup

Mutton Soup is very common in the southern part of Chuxiong,this soup is made by cooking mutton bones with flesh along with spices which is very aromatic and fragrant.

2. Yi Ethnic Buckwheat Cakes

Buckwheat is cool and refreshing, characteristics of pure and sweet, and at the same time with a variety of amino acids the body needs, is always one of the ideal food for diabetic patients.

3. Bean Jelly

 In Dayao, bean jelly is also a signature snack. It varies a lot in such aspects as materials it is made from (like buckwheat, maize and peas), places where it is made (like hot jelly of Zhaotong Area ), and producers that specialise in (like Fu's and Zhao's). Generally speaking, most of bean jelly in Zhaotong is made from peas.

4. Fried Pumpkin

It is a signature delicacy of Guangnan County of Wenshan Prefecture in the southeast of Yunnan. Hardly heard of elsewhere, this dish was originally a Buddhist vegetarian treat. Mixed with glutinous flour and sugar, the julienne pumpkin is prepared by deep frying.

Where to Eat in Dayao County?

There are many special restaurants in Dayao County. We have listed some restaurants with good taste and beautiful environment for tourists.

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