Dayao County Accommodation

We offers all kinds of hotels in Dayao County for tourists. Here we have collected where to stay in Dayao County for travelers. All hotels are with good location, cost-efficient prices and considerate services.


Daoyao Pangye Hotel (大姚庞业大酒店)
Address: In the opposite of Yongsheng Housing Estate in Baicaoling Street
Telephone: 0878-6039099

Dayao Miyilu Hotel (大姚咪依噜大酒店)
Address: No.54, Miyilu Dajie Street 


Dayao Yihe Hotel (大姚彝和酒店)
Address: No.2, Jinbi Road of Dayao County
Telephone: 0878-6208777


Yiyuan Hotel (亿源酒店)
Address: No.118, Huancheng North Road 
Telephone: 0878-6208818

Dayao Xianhe Hotel (大姚先和宾馆)
Address: No.108, Jinbi Road
Telephone: 15912914755

Dayao Jinhui Hotel (大姚锦辉宾馆)
Address: No.75, Chunxi Road
Telephone: 08786227188

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