Dayao County Shopping

Shopping in Dayao County is a must-do thing for tourists to this town. The handicrafts of various cultures and religions attract visitors from all over the world to buy them.

What to Buy in Dayao county?

1. Tiger-head Shoes of Yi Ethnic People

Shoes worn by ethnic minorities differ from those of the Han nationality because of the different cultures--especially religious beliefs. The Yis, who have worshipped tigers since ancient times, present the "Tiger Culture" in many aspects of their life.

2. Huocao Cloth Bags

The locally called “Huocao Grass” is known in Latin as Epilobium angustifolium. Huocao cloth in West Yunnan is normally made from Epilobium angustifolium. This kind of home-made rare cloth is usually confined to some ethnic branches such as Baiyi people of the Yi ethnic minority of Heqing County, so bags made from tit are naturally valuable and hardly available on the markets.

3. Yi Ethnic Paper-cuts

The intelligent Yi ethnic ladies also give full play to their inspirations by making a variety of paper-cut artworks mainly used for decorating their costumes, bedrooms, waiting rooms, and most of the time for religious ceremonies. Patterns included are mainly plants, wild lives, and holy things in the Yi ethnic religion.

4.Yi Ethnic Lacquer Wares

Patterns on lacquer wares include natural patterns, animals, plants, life scenes, production scenes, and cultural images, among which animals are the most dominating-and followed by plants. This can be why the Yi ethnic group underline the animal husbandry in their life, since they had undergone a long nomadic history, settled down and finally survived on farming.

Where to Buy in Dayao County?

There are lots of shopping districts, streets, malls and stores in Dayao County. We select some shops with good quality and reasonable price for tourists.

1. Wanbi Specialty Market (湾碧特产店)
    Address: No.209, Baita Road of Dayao County

2. Fule Specialty Business Department (福特特产经营部)
    Address: No.45, Huancheng East Road 
    Telephone: 15887775450

3. Lucheng Mansion Dayao Supermarket (鹿城大厦大姚商场)
    Address: No.48, Houjie Street of Jinbi Town

4. Qingsong Supermarket (青松商场)
    Address: No.15, Beijie Street

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