Entertainment of Shuanglang Town in Dali

In Shuanglang,if you want to spend your leisure time,don’t worry, you can find the the bars and clubs easily. Maybe you are not interesting in bar and clubs and do not want to watch performance,you can also go to tea house.That is a good choice.


1.There are many bars in the town. You can slow your pace and find a lakeside one in which to relax. Wi-Fi is available so surfing on the Internet is not a problem.


2.Lakeside bicycling. The suggested way is to ride from Shuanglang to Wase Town which is about 15 kilometers. There is a slope on the way and, on top of the slope, there is a small hill. From this hill, you will get a great view of Erhai Lake.


3.In the low fishing period, you can rent a small boat. You can enjoy slowly rowing on Erhai Lake, continuing on to Little Putuo Island and Nanzhao Island, where you can have some fun.


4.Walk along Yuji Island and visit the Sun Palace of Yangliping — China’s famous dancer who created the Peacock Dance. The scenery on the way is fantastic.


5.Visit a local family and get to know the local people’s daily lives.

Taste all kinds of food there. The delicious foods such as marine fish, mandarin oranges, line rice noodles, hot pots and barbecues can’t be missed.


6.Go to Wase Fair as it is another way to experience the local lifestyles. The fair dates are the 5th and 10th of each month. Wase Fair is 10 kilometers away and is the most popular one. During the fair, people from different villages flow into the market. You will see how they buy and sell things, and how they bargain with each other, which is interesting.