Entertainment in Dali Old Town

In Dali Old Town,if you want to spend your leisure time,don’t worry, you can find the the bars and clubs easily. Maybe you are not interesting in bar and clubs and do not want to watch performance,you can also go to tea house.That is a good choice.

1.Sandaocha (三道茶)

Address:Dali Old Town

“Sandaocha” is a traditional regional tea ceremony consisting of three unique tea flavors, and is an experience not to be missed in Dali. The host begins by presenting a bitter tea which stands for the hardships in life. Then, a sweet tea of sesame and walnut symbolic of happiness in life. Finally, a bitter, sweet, and spicy tea symbolic of pondering life.

2.Yihaoyuan Spa(一号院Spa馆)


Address:No.9Boai Road,Dali Old Town

3.Yinghua Wine Bar (樱花酒吧)


Address: Yangren Street,Dali Old Town

4.Xingzuo Café(星座咖啡)


Address:Guangwu Road,Dali Old Town

5.Canghaiwan Spring Hotel(苍海湾温泉酒店)


Address:Nanguo City,Dali Old Town