Kunming Wanda Golf Club

Basic Information about Kunming Wanda Golf Club

  • Chinese Name: 昆明万达高尔夫
  • English Name: Kunming Wanda Golf Club
  • Location: No. 12, Hongta Rd., Dian Lake Holiday Zone, Kunming

Kunming Wanda golf club is located in the scenic Dianchi National Tourist Resort in Kunming. The golf course is located on the beautiful Dianchi Lakeside, west of West Hill and south of Dianchi Lake. The course is an international standard golf course with 18 holes and 72 bars designed by LCW golf design company of Australia. The golf club has a superior position with convenient transportation, only 20 minutes’ drive from the city center and Kunming International Airport; with the adjacent Kunming Lakeview Golf Club, Hot Spring Garden Hotel, Hongta Sports Center, Haigeng sports training base and Yunnan Ethnic Villages, it is a golden resort for golf leisure and vacation in Kunming; it is an ideal place for guests to swing, socialize, leisure and business activities.

Features of Kunming Wanda Golf Club

The design of the golf course skillfully integrates nearly 160000 square meters of water area, which is very challenging and entertaining. Surrounded by lakes, the course is rippling with water and sky in one color. The beautiful west hill and dragon gate can be seen from the swing room, and the open vision creates a very pleasant swing experience for the golfers. The 18 holes have their own characteristics. Between the 8th hole and 2nd hole, the two major characteristics of the course have been achieved – 20000 square meters of artificial lake and 3000 square meters of sand pit. The scenery of the 11th hole of the signature hole is unique. In the distance is the sleeping beauty of the west hill, surrounded by the quiet and rippling lake water, the breeze blows over the lake, and a delicate and beautiful island. No. 18 green is located on an island surrounded by water. It’s a very hard finishing hole, which will make your Wanda golf trip unforgettable.

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Facilities of Kunming Wanda Golf Club

The golf club of modern Southeast Asian architectural style is simple and comfortable, with a total construction area of 6000 square meters, wide vision, green golf course and beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains, so that people and nature are integrated. Yunnan Province has the largest scale and the most complete supporting facilities in Spanish style double-layer light training ground, free and cozy coffee shop, elegant 9 + 9 Landscape Restaurant – “In & Out cuisines”, a variety of exclusive shops for ball equipment, spacious and comfortable dressing rooms, diversified multi-functional banquet hall, the most professional and top-level wine appreciation and collection institution in Yunnan Province – “La vino” ”Red wine workshop and other supporting facilities allow you to feel the sincere and extraordinary creativity in every warm corner, so that guests can enjoy the golf club’s personalized quality service in addition to the fun.


How to Get to Kunming Wanda Golf Club

More than 20 minutes from the city center, 40 minutes from the airport. Driving Route: Airport → Chuncheng road to Rixin overpass → Rixin road → Guannan avenue to the South → Guangfu Road → Dianchi Road → Yunnan Ethnic village turntable to the left → about 1 km ahead to the course.

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