Bridge Cafe of Kunming Wanda Golf Club

Bridge Cafe locates in the second floor of driving range, broad perspective, clean air, Reflect the elegant environment, exquisite dishes full of local featured and family style, and the considerate service fits for your high social status, brings you cozy and happiness. Preeminent cookers, professional service, and many other elements deserve you to experience. Sitting around in the bar, with one cup aromatic and full-bodied Scotch coffee; listening to the music with crisp rhythm; place yourself in harmonious nature environment; relax yourself; here is the best swinging and exercising place.

In a beautiful morning with breeze, birds’ twitter and fragrance of flower, you can have a pretty swing. In the bright and beautiful sunlight of afternoon, drinking one cup of tee, eating some delicious sneak, the pleasing life to the utmost enjoys among them. In the cope of night, shares a flourishing home royal feast with friends and neighbors ,to experiences personally wit lets natural affection and friendship get to promote indefinitely, companying with the clean moonlight and the shinning starlight, taking a sweet smile of service and giving you the good dream of one over the night.