Yunnan Muslim Travel

Yunnan Muslim Travel Page tells you about Yunnan Muslim Tours, Muslim Attractions, Halal Food and Restaurants, Muslim Hotels as well as tips for Muslim Travel.

Take a Muslim Tour to easy understand the Muslim culture during your Yunnan travel. Yunnan Exploration will lead travelers into well-known Muslim sites and share their knowledge of Islam, dinning features and other aspect of Muslim life. What’s more you can enjoy the alluring scenery of Yunnan Province. Our Muslim tours will take you to the cities where Islam originated. Touring the famous Shadian and Jianshui,  you can learn about the history of Islam that dates back to the Yuan Dynasty. Experience the Islamic culture at the famous Dong Lianhua Village and Weishan Ancient City. Apart from sightseeing there is a great variety of delicious Halal cuisine available and all hotels during the tour are Halal friendly! 

Places to Visit for Yunnan Muslim Travel

In Yunnan, most of Muslim people stay in Xundian County in Kunming, Weishan County in Dali, Qujing, Yuxi and Zhaotong, you can also find the most of mosques in these areas. Yunnan province has more than 820 mosques. The famous ones are Kunming Nancheng MosqueKunming Shuncheng Street MosqueGeJjiu Shadian Grand MosqueTonghai Najiaying Mosque, etc.

Mosques in Yunnan by Region

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Most Popular Muslim Tours in Yunnan

Yunnan Muslim Tours offer different Yunnan Muslim Tour Packages with best Yunnan attractions, ethnic minorities culture in almost every prefecture and city, especially, KunmingDaliZhaotongQujingChuxiong. Start a Muslim Tour in Yunnan to explore the Muslim culture during your Yunnan Travel. 

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Halal Food and Restaurants

Halal food is a another highlight for Yunnan Muslim tours. Halal Food is guided by strict religious criteria. Halal food can never contain pork or pork products, any alcohol or fresh blood. The common meat they serve is beef and they prefer the wild ingredients rather than farm-raised ones. Since there is a large group of Hui People in Yunnan, you will have the chance to enjoy some fresh and healthy food in Halal restaurants in Yunnan.

Famous Halal Food in Yunnan

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Tips for Yunnan Muslim Travel

When you plan your Muslim Travel in Yunnan, apart from the regular tour preparations such as packing tips, there are other things you should pay attention to, for it is related to religion culture. You should dress and behave modestly, and get to know some etiquettes of muslim culture so that you may act properly and better respect their customs.

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