Zhenxiong County History

Since Emperor Wu set Nanguang county in 135 BC, Zhenxiong has history of  more than 2100 years. In 214, Nanguang county was reset as Nanchang county, which was the territory of Shushi prefecture(朱提郡). In 754,Tang dynasty, the army of Tang governor was defeated by Nanzhao kingdom(南诏国) during the Tianbao battle, since then, Zhenxiong was under the command of Nanzhao, and renamed as Mangbu. Later, in Yuan dynasty, Mangbu was changed its’ title to Mangbu Road(芒部路). The governor of Qing dynasty inherited the system of Ming dynasty, keeping Zhenxiong as the territory of Sichuan province, however, before long, it was reset as Zhenxiong prefecture. In 1731, it was first established as a county. At first, it was combined with Weixin county, after the liberation of China, Zhenxiong county has been subordinate to Zhaotong city tile now.