Zhenxiong County Climate


Zhenxiong county(镇雄县) is located in the northern sloping area of Yunnan-Guizhou plateau, in its’ territory, there are many mountains and rivers, but no dam. The terrain slopes from southwest down to northeast, the southern part and midland are relatively flat. The highest elevation is 2416 meters and the lowest is 630 meters. All these factors decide its’ climate type. Zhenxiong county has a typical temperate and monsoonal climate with four clearly distinct seasons. The annual average temperature is 11.3℃, and the annual average precipitation is 914.6 mm, in addition, its’ annual sunshine is 1341 hours. There are 218 days without frost.

Best Time to Visit

The best seasons to visit Zhenxiong are Spring, Summer and Winter because of the good weather, and Winter is cold for people to visit there.InCounty Spring, you can enjoy the beautiful flowers, in Summer, you can climb mountains, in Autumn, you can get the pleasant of harvest.

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