Zhenxiong County Culture

Zhenxiong is the No.1 population county in Yunnan province, at the same time, it is an area inhabited by ethnic groups, especially Yi and Miao people. After a long process of mixing together and developing, Zhengxiong county has formed its’ culture with local characteristics.

Protection Area of the Traditional Culture of Yi and Miao People

There are three taditional culture protection areas in Zhenxiong county: Xiao Miduo village, Aner township(安尔乡小米多村), Black wood village, Linkou towhship(林口乡木黑村) and Haodu village, Potou towhship(坡头乡亳都村).

Language and Character  of Ethnic Groups(民族语言文字)

Today, Yi people is keeping using their character, and few people can speak Yi language;  Miao people once used their old language in small range, after the liberation, they created new Miao language, but not popularized and almost nobody understood. Now, Miao language is seldom used,  most of them is tending to use Chinese language.

Folk Music and Dance of minorities(民族民间音乐、舞蹈)

In Zhenxiong county, most folk songs are improvised. It was popular among the countryside in the old time. Its’ contents are mainly about love, warning, irony and daily life. According to purpose, it can be classified into ditty, custom songs and funeral music. Folk dance in Zhenxiong is always danced in the funeral of Miao, Yi and Han people.  But sometimes, they also dance during their festivals.