Zhenxiong County Culture

There are two major ethnic minorities living in the Zhenxiong. They are the Yi and Miao ethnic minorities.

Ethnic town

They are Guozhu Yi minority township and Linkou Yi and Miao minority township.

Traditional ethnic village

There are 2 traditional ethnic villages, which are Fengzhu Village of Luokan Town and Fada Village of Luokan Town.


Torch Festival(Every lunar year, on June 24th, the Yi ethnic minority celebrate their national festival—the Torch Festival.)

Dancing Flower Festival(During the festival, the Miao ethnic minority dressed up to gather in the traditional dancing ground. Young men and women danced in the center of the flower poles.)


Yi ethnic minority's religion believes are natural worship and ancester worship, besides, some of them are effected by Taoism and Buddhism.

Miao ethnic minority's religion believes are natural worship and ancester worship, and they believe the existence of goast. They also believe the Christianity and Catholicism which was spreaded 100 years.