7 Days Baimang Snow Mountain Hiking Tour to Nine Lakes and One Mountain Scenic Area is developed by Yunnan Exploration in 2018. This tour takes you to dicover the highlights of Three Parallel Rivers including The Fist Bend of Yangtze River, Shigu Town, Tacheng Yunnan Snub-nosed Monkey Park, Luotong Village, Jiuhu Yishan (Nine Lakes and One Mountain), Baimang Snow Mountain.

Day 1 Arrive in Lijiang( )
Sightseeing and Activities:Arrive in Lijiang


Day 2 Lijiang-Shigu-Tacheng( B , L )
Sightseeing and Activities:Lijiang-Shigu-Tacheng


Day 3 Tacheng-Weixi-Badi-Luotong Village( B , L , D )
Sightseeing and Activities:Tacheng-Weixi-Badi-Luotong Village

Tacheng-Weixi-Badi-Luotong Village


Day 4 Luotong Village-NO.1 Pasture-NO.2 Pasture( B , L , D )
Sightseeing and Activities:Luotong Village-NO.1 Pasture-NO.2 Pasture

洛通社 經藥材基地(徒步1.5HR),第一牧場(徒步1.5HR)後紮營第二牧場(徒步3HR)

早:洛通社 中:大鍋菜 晚:大鍋菜 第二牧場紮營

Day 5 NO.2 Pasture-NO.1 Pasture( B , L , D )
Sightseeing and Activities:NO.2 Pasture-NO.1 Pasture

洛通社 第二牧場下到第一牧場(徒步2.5HR)
早:簡便 中:大鍋菜 晚:大鍋菜 第一牧場紮營

Day 6 NO.1 Pasture-Tacheng-Shangri-La( B , L , D )
Sightseeing and Activities:NO.1 Pasture-Tacheng-Shangri-La

4HR 第一牧場(洛通社)-塔城
第一牧場早餐後下山(徒步1.5HR藥材基地)換小車返回巴迪換大車,午餐後前往塔城酒店入住(中午康普 家園酒店用餐 巴迪/康普45分鐘)
早:簡便 中:中式合菜 晚:中式合菜 塔城神川酒店

Day 7 Departure from Shangri-La( B )
Sightseeing and Activities:

Departure from Shangri-La

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DiqingDiqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is situated in the northwest of Yunnan Province, bordered on the northeast by Sichuan Province, and on the northwest by the Tibet Autonomous Region. Diqing is a glorious place, with dense forests, alpine lakes, grasslands, and gorges distributed among the meadows and plains. Among the lakes, Bitahai, Napahai, Hehai and Shouduhai are Read more


LijiangLijiang has a history of at least 800 years and may date as far back as the Song Dynasty. It is located in the northwestern portion of Yunnan and borders Sichuan. As a popular destination in Yunnan, Lijiang is considered as a fairyland blessed with fresh air, clear streams, breathtaking snow mountains and an undisturbed landscape inhabited by Naxi Read more


ShiguShigu Ancient Town (Chinese Name: 石鼓古镇) is one of the famous ancient town at the river bank of the upper reaches of Yangtze River. As there is a drum-shaped stone tablet carved with white marble, hence the name of the town. The diameter of the stone tablet is 1.5 m and the thickness is 0.7 Read more


TachengHighlights of Tacheng Town Hometown of Snub-nosed Monkey: In Tacheng Town, it is a place with the best preserved areas of primordial ecosystem and vegetation, which is suitable for snub-nosed monkeys. Abundant Tourism Resources: There are splendid cultural heritage and spectacular natural landscape benefits by its geographic location and outstanding human relics in Tacheng Town, such as Samagong Read more

Weixi County

Weixi CountyWeixi Lisu Autonomous County is located in the northwestern part of Yunnan Province, between 98°54′~99°34′ east longitude and 26°53′~28°02′ north latitude. The county is located in the hinterland of the “Three Parallel Rivers” of the World Natural Heritage. As the southwestern end of Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, it is east to Shangri-La City across the river, borders Yulong County of Lijiang City to Read more

Yulong County

Yulong CountyYulong Naxi Autonomous County (Chinese: 玉龙纳西族自治县) is located in Lijiang City Prefecture, Yunnan, China. Wenhai village and lake along with Jade Dragon Snow Mountain are some of the famous scenic spots found here. Highlights of Yulong County Tourism Resources: With the world cultural heritage, world natural heritage and world memory heritage, Yulong county enjoys 75% of the tourism resources of Lijiang city.  Wildlife: Yulong County boasts many wild animals Read more

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