The Sacred Lake (Shenhu) of Yubeng Village in Meili Snow Mountain, Diqing

About the Sacred Lake

The Sacred Lake sits in the hillside of Shennv Mountain Peak, at a altitude of 4600m. It’s about 1500m above Yubeng Village and about 500m above Ice Lake, so rare people come here even the locals.

The Sacred Lake is small but clear and bright. The water reflects the blue sky and the white clouds of different shapes, which make people feel happy and relaxed. The Sacred Lake is an undeveloped attraction, few people have been there, it’s said that the roads are challenging without signposts, so some may be get lost. Thus treking to Sacred Lake with a guide is necessary.

Chinese Name: 神湖
English Name: The Sacred Lake
Location: sits in the hillside of Shennv Mountain Peak in Yubeng Village
Entrance Ticket:230RMB( including Jinsha River Big Bend, Wunongding Viewing deck, Feilai Temple viewing deck, Yubeng Village)
Opening Time: All Day

The Hiking Route

Hiking Tour Photos from Yubeng Village to The Sacred Lake

There is a path around a meadow in front of a temple in Yubeng Lower Village, which is leading to Sacred Lake. There is another small bridge leading to the opposite mountain. You can go up to the mountain along a path, and a notice board stands at the side of the path, it says no passing. This is the start point of Sacred Lake hiking route. The uphill road is very steep and would be slippery in a rainy day. You may go through a large scale of bamboo forest, then continue to go up along the path, you will arrive at a oak forest where there are lots of bushes almost without a big tree, at a altitue of 4000m. continue to trek further, it’s a highland meadow where there is a shabby stone house. Here is close to the Sacred Lake. Then continue to go up the slope, you will see two big chinese character piled by stones which means sacred lake. The Sacred Lake is over there.

It’s 20 kilometers to go there and back, it usually takes around 8 hours. Howerver, since the uphill roads hiking will exert a lot of energy, it’s suggested to depart in the early morning. Some relatively weak people may spend 10-12 hours to go there and back. You’d better not stay overnight on the mountain because the temperature may go down for 10℃ because of the high altitude. Once having the altitude stress or other emergencies, you would be helpless.