Xidang Village of Meili Snow Mountain, Diqing

Xidang village is under jurisdiction of Yunling township, connecting by dirt road. In 2009, there were 215 households and 1,088 rural residents, with a total workforce of 855, including 675 working in agriculture. The altitude is 2,234 meters, the annual average temperature of 15 ℃  and suitable for planting crops such as corn, wheat, highland barley. The main industries of the village are tourism and forestry. The village is currently developing featured tourism industry and the related tourism culture industry.

Xidang village is the only way getting to Yubeng Village. When arrive at Xidang Hot Spring, tourists have to walk or ride a mule into. Suggest you to stay at Xidang village before starting your Yubeng hiking for the better accommodation condition of the village.