Hot Spring Tours

Yunnan is not only a tourist resort, but also the hometown of hot springs. It is rich in hot spring resources and its hot springs are ranked as first level in China. In Yunnan, you can experience all kinds of hot springs, such as open air hot springs, indoor hot springs, moutain hot springs, and forest hot springs based on their locations. You can enjoy milk hot springs, red wine hot springs, rose flowers hot springs, sulfurous hot springs and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) hot springs based on their functions. The best and  famous hot spring sites in Yunnan are in An’ning(Aning Hot Spring), Yuxi(Yingyuetan Hot Spring), Tengchong(Rehai Hot Spring), Dali(Jiuqitai Hot Springs), Ruili, and Honghe(Mile, Yuanjiang,Mengla). Why not choose a Yunnan Hot Spring Tour with us to relax your body after tired working? If you only have a short time stay in Kunming, One Day Anning City Hot Spring Tour is recommended to you. During this one-day hot spring tour, you can have a really relax day in Jinfang Forest Hot Spring which will provide you with soft water in high temperature and high salinity, that is very beneficial to the health.