Stephanie Wu

I am Stephanie ,a travel consultant working for Yunnan Exploration Travel,a Yi ethic girl from Shigu Ancient Town where is the First Bend of Yangtze River located in Lijiang region. Growing up in a multi-ethnic region that is easier for me to learn more languages,mother tongue is Yi language,the second language is Mandarin,the third language is Lisu language,English is fourth language I can speak. The first time I faced to foreign visitor was at Lijiang Dayan Old Town on 2010,Peter was a German visitor who traveled alone to Lijiang,I met with him and just tried to practice English with him,after few hours communication,I found he was a person interesting,kind,knowledgeable,a talent for music,then I decided to be his local guide for free.I guided him to Shuhe Ancient Town,Black Dragon Pool Park,and Shaxi Ancient Town for 2 days.After that,I knew what I can do for my career after college graduation until I met Yunnan Adventure Travel on 2012. I am very honored to work as a travel consultant, being able to share my own experience with our guests and making sure they get wonderful travel experience as I did!