Shuifu County Entertainment

Shuifu is a county full of all kinds of entertaining activities. Teahouse is the most common amusement for local people. KTV is the best choice to spend a substantial night. the water park in the Grand Western Canyon is the place that you have to go if you want to spend a unforgettable time in Shuifu county

Bars & Teahouses 

White Cloud Music City(白云歌城)

Tel: 0870-8632866

Address: No.78 of Bright Moon Road in Shuifu county, Zhaotong city(昭通市水富县明月路78号) 

City of Dreams Video Game Center(梦幻都市电玩城)

Address: near people’s East Road in Shuifu county, Zhaotong city(昭通市水富县人民东路附近)

Hustle Kings Billiards Bar(球王至尊台球吧)

Address:  near the Chixing Alley in Shuifu county, Zhaotong city(昭通市水富县池兴巷附近)

Three-Seven Teahouse(三七茶坊)

Address: No.34  of Chixing Alley in Shuifu county, Zhaotong city(昭通市水富县池兴巷34号)

Four Season Water  Amusement Park in the Grand Western Canyon(西部大峡谷四季水上娱乐城)

It is a paradise for those family which has kids. During the hot days in summer, you can enjoy all kinds of water entertaining facilities, while in winter, you can take a bath in the hot spring. In addition, the scenery of the grand western canyon is great, you won’t feel regretful.

Address: near the meeting tunnel in Shuifu county, Zhaotong city(昭通市水富县迎宾隧道附近)

Tel: 0870-8633333; 0870-89380270