Half Day Lijiang Helicopter Tour and Aerial Close-ups

CFA’s Yunnan Aerial Odyssey: Lijiang Helicopter Tour can be enjoyed in day time, and covers all of the major sites of the Lijiang, one of China’s most famous and pretty traditional cultural towns, including the main viewpoints from all angles for tourists and scenic overflights of the architecture, and absolutely the best vistas of the southwestern Chinese city that has become UNESCO world-famous and all-around one of China’s greatest attractions!

Lijiang Ancient Town

Day Flight: Take off for a flightseeing tour of Yunnan, slanted and curving traditional roofs and colorful traditional architecture of the minorities of Southwest China, and far-and-away one of the main tourist and artistic features and images of Chinese tours and popular photography, and a totally unique and revered cultural wonder only found in Yunnan province of China.

Best Price: CFA Carries a Low Price Guarantee on this tour for our valued guests in the sky! Cheaper with larger groups! For more than 3 persons, we may use several helicopter flights in AC-311 Helicopters.

Each route includes: Swing and soar in a panorama over, down, and around the length of Lijiang of Yunnan. Why settle for a tourist or bus view when you can see the whole town in style with a bird’s eye!

  • All flights with CFA for Lijiang Helicopter Tours leave from Lijiang Baisha airport, within the heliport (Where all private plane and heli operators launch from.) Contact us for directions or see our voucher and location map accompanying the confirmation of this tour.
  • Cancellation due to bad weather will warrant a full refund or reschedule.

Flights Cancellations and Course Changes:

The flight course and departure time could be changed due to weather condition or other inevitable reasons.
Please understand that your flight itself also can be canceled for safety reasons.
Safety is the top priority for all CFA tours and staff, and we are working 24 hour to keep you safe.