Shuifu County Dining

Shuifu county(水富县) lies on the border of Yunnan and Sichuan province, and for its’ special location, it has been the northern gate of Yunnan province since the ancient time. So Shuifu has developed its’ unique eating patterns which mixed the the characteristics of Yunnan food and Sichuan food. The main feature of Shuifu food is spicy.

Burning Noodles(燃面)

Like rice noodles in Yunnan province, burning noodles in Shuifu county is seen everywhere, it is the local snack of Shuifu county. As early as in Qing dynasty, there were small retailers selling burning noodles. It was made by local wet noodles combined with seasonings including Yibin sprout(宜宾芽菜), sesame oil, peanut, golden hot  pepper, green onion and so on. Different from other traditional eating patterns of noodles, burning noodles has no soup, even though, the taste is pretty good. Many travelers are attracted to Shuifu by the good reputation of burning noodles.

Shuifu Bacon(水富腊肉)

In the old time, without refrigerator or any other refrigeration technology, the redundant meat was pickled into bacon so as to be preserved for a long time. In Shuifu county, especially the rural areas, people makes bacon in the end of a year, and eat in the coming year. Bacon with high quality can be preserved  for two to three years keeping its’ taste good. Most restaurants in Shuifu offer the dishes of bacon. You’ll taste different flavor from the dishes.

Huang Lading Fish(黄辣丁)

As a kind of little fish of only10 cm long,  Huang Lading fish is the indigenous fish of Mingjiang River in Shuifu. It is a kind of fish with high nourishment. The best way to cook it is to stew, and it could be cook in a chafing dish. 

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