Ancient Tea Horse Road Festival in Ninger County, Puer

Chinese Name:普洱茶马古道节
English Name: Ancient Tea Horse Road Festival in Ninger County, Puer

The Ancient Tea-Horse Road Festival is conducive to inheriting and carrying forward the historical culture. Ning’er is the core source area of and distribution center for the world famous “Pu’er tea”, the “seat of government for ancient Pu’er”, the origin of the Tea-Horse Road. The industrious and intelligent Ning’er ancients, after a long period of planting, cultivating and processing tea trees on the land of Ning’er for thousands of years, has explored the unique Pu’er tea processing technology, which formed the historical brand of Pu’er tea being famous both domestically and abroad. To race to the source, the root of Pu’er tea lies in Ning’er, thus the root of Pu’er tea culture also lies in Ning’er.

Pu ‘er tea is named after the seat of Pu’er government, and has become spread and world-famous through the Tea-Horse Road. Pu’er tea originated in the Eastern Han Dynasty, entered into trades in the Tang Dynasty, got popular in the Song Dynasty, stereotyped in the Ming Dynasty, and prospered in the Qing Dynasty. Over three hundred years ago, the seat of Pu’er government became a tribute tea under an imperial edict, then became “famous in the capital”. As Pu’er tea became a tribute tea and for the sake of foreign trade, in the Ming and Qing dynasties, five “Tea-Horse Roads” were opened, starting from Ning’er to domestic and foreign destinations, which connected Ning’er with the world.

For hundreds and thousands of years, it carried a strong Pu’er tea culture and ethnic culture, blended the world culture and the spirit of human civilization, making the Pu’er tea culture and Ning’er ethnic culture walk out towards the country, towards the world along with the years passing by. To this end, vigorously promoting the Pu’er tea culture, carrying forward the spirit of Tea-Horse Road, is the desire of carders and masses of all ethnic groups in Ning’er.