Shuifu County Transportation

Shuifu county has a convenient transportation system. There is a train station in which people can take the trains depart from Kunming or trains go to Kunming. There are also long-distance buses, taxi, buses and minibus. In addition, water transportation is a very important part of Shuifu Tansport.

How to get in

1.Long-Distance Bus

Shuifu Passengers Station

Address: No.125 on the Gongnong East Road in Shuifu county, Zhaotong city(昭通市水富县工农东路125号)

Tel: 0870-8638079

Long-distance bus is one of the main way for passengers who want to travel afar. To Kunming, there are two classes long-distance bus everyday morning. Shuifu lies on the side of Chongqing-Kunming highway, it is the northern gate of Yunnan province. There are also buses heading for Chongqing, Chengdu and some other cities in Sichuan province. In addition, Shuifu passenger’s station also departs buses heading for Zhaotong city and other counties of Zhaotong municipality.


Shuifu Train Station

Address: in Yunfu town, Shuifu county

Shuifu train station is a vital hub of Kunming-Chengdu Railway, there are about ten classes of train stop by here every day. Among them, two classes arrive in Kunming, 4 classes arrive in Zhaotong. It will spend you 5 hours arrive in Zhaotong city, and 15 hours arrive in Kunming. The price is cheaper than long-distance bus.


Shuifu county is only 30 km away from Yibin, and 40 km away from Laiba airport(莱坝机场), it is very convenient for passengers to go to the airport. In Laiba airport, there are many flights heading for the principle cities across the country. The flight heading for Kunming only spends you one hour. It is a good choice for passengers who have a compact schedule.

4.Water Transportation

Shuifu port is the biggest port of Yunnan province, also the first port of Yangtze river. Water transportation is a very important part of Shuifu transportation system. Shuifu port departs passenger liners directly arrive in Wuhan, Chongqing and Shanghai. In addition, Shuifu port is plays a vital role in transporting cargo.

How to get around

1.Taxi and Buses

In the county seat, there are buses on the main street, it is very convenient , because the urban area is not very big. Taxi is also a reliable way, the starting fare is 5 Yuan, you may wait a taxi on the road side. However, local people prefer buses or motorbike to taxi.


Short-distance bus is the main way for local people to travel around in a short distance. You may wait a minibus on the highway or give the driver a phone call. The price of a minibus is cheap. The driver will send you to anywhere you want to go in the county.