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Yunnan Flowers Travel Page mainly introduces Flowers in YunnanPhotos Gallery of FlowersFlowers Travel Guide, Flowers Attractions and Yunnan Flowers Tours.  Yunnan is a magical place, not only for the numerous ethnic minorities, but also the all sorts of flowers. Due to the varied terrain, Yunnan is abundant with countless plant and animal species. Many beautiful flowers can be easily found in cities or mountainous area. Starting a flower tour in Yunnan at the right moment not only allow you to enjoy a eye feast, but also give a good chance for you to take nice pictures. What’s more, you can eat the beautiful flowers as food, such as flower cake. Luoping yellow rapeseed flowers are especially recommended in February and March when the they are in bloom. Puzhehei lotus will bring you a picturesque experience. Contact us to customize a flower tour to find more.

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