Dali Cigarette Factory

Yunnan Hongta Group Dali Cigarette Factory (大理卷烟厂) is situated at the foot of Cangshan Mountain, adjacent to the shores of Erhai Lake, within the historically and culturally rich city of Dali. Covering an expansive area of 420,000 square meters, the factory boasts fixed assets valued at 1.3 billion yuan and employs a current workforce of 1,995 individuals.

Introduction: Following extensive technological advancements, Yunnan Hongta Group Dali Cigarette Factory has evolved into an industrial powerhouse equipped with cutting-edge production machinery adhering to international standards set in the 1990s. This includes state-of-the-art Italian leaf stripping and re-drying production lines, German Hauni cigarette-making lines, British Passim cigarette rolling machines, and German BI and Volk packaging machines, among others. The factory maintains an impressive annual production capacity of 500,000 boxes of medium to high-grade filter-tipped cigarettes.

Capitalizing on the region’s premium-quality raw materials, Yunnan Hongta Group Dali Cigarette Factory actively pursues product development and research, employing scientific formulation and meticulous processing techniques. The factory’s product portfolio encompasses four brands under “San Tower” and “Meiden,” comprising hard-boxed Red “Meiden,” hard-boxed “San Tower,” hard-boxed “Meiden,” and soft-boxed “San Tower” variants. Notably, the “San Tower” series has consistently garnered national acclaim as excellent and premium cigarettes, with the “Meiden” brand also attaining national premium status in May 1999. These products enjoy widespread popularity across various provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions, and are exported to Southeast Asian countries.

In September 1995, under the guidance of the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government, and other competent authorities, Dali Cigarette Factory became a part of Yunnan Hongta Group. It received comprehensive support in terms of management personnel, technological transformation funds, cigarette equipment, process formulations, and marketing strategies from the group’s core enterprise, Yuxi Hongta Group.

The enterprise has consistently deepened its management and personnel system reforms, reinforced process quality management, optimized product structures, and pursued a developmental trajectory emphasizing structural integrity, product quality, and operational efficiency. This transformation culminated in the production of 3.65 million boxes of cigarettes in 1999, achieving a total industrial and commercial tax profit of 7.9 billion yuan.