Where is China’s tobacco grown?

 China’s Tobacco Grow In These Places

The People’s Republic of China (China) is the largest tobacco producer in the world. In 1999, production of leaf tobacco was about 2.4 million tonnes, or nearly one-third of world output. Most tobacco was processed into cigarettes for domestic consumption. In 1998, total output of cigarettes reached about 83 billion packs (20 pieces/pack), representing more than 30 percent of world cigarette production. At present, China has become the largest tobacco consuming country in the world. Most of the tobacco is grown in mainland China, only few of them is exported. 

Tobacco distribution is very wide in China. Henan(河南), Shandong(山东), Yunnan(云南), Gansu(甘肃), Hunan(湖南) five provinces are important  tobacco production areas.

Henan(河南) province is the country’s largest flue-cured tobacco producing area, accounting for 1/3 of the country’s output, mainly distributed in Xuchang(许昌), Nanyang(南阳), Zhoukou(周口) and Zhumadian(驻马店.

Shandong(山东) flue-cured tobacco is mainly distributed along the jiaoji railway from Weixian(潍县) to Zibo(淄博), with the most concentrated in Yidu(益都) and Linqu(临朐) in Changwei(昌潍).

The of quality flue-cured tobacco in Yunnan province(云南省)  is the best, mostly distributed in Qujing(曲靖), Yuxi(玉溪), Zhaotong(昭通) and other places.

The southern tobacco region is different because of transplanting season. Thus, there are spring tobacco, summer tobacco, autumn tobacco and winter tobacco.

Southern China is dominated by spring tobacco. But in Guangdong province(广东省),Fujian province(福建省) and other tropical areas still distributed some autumn tobacco and winter tobacco. 

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Edited by Ziwei Chen/陈紫薇