Top Tobacco and Cigarettes Manufacturing Companies in China

As the world’s largest tobacco manufacturer, China produces more than two million metric tons of tobacco each year. The majority of China’s tobacco production serves its massive domestic market. In 2020, nearly one out of three smokers in the world were Chinese. Chinese smokers consume more than two trillion cigarettes yearly, more than Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Americas combined. Tobacco use has been a pressing issue that threatens public health. In 2019, around 35 percent of male death in China was related to tobacco use, the highest in the world. The government has rolled out various policies to strengthen tobacco control for over a decade. However, China faces significant challenges in reducing tobacco use, as it has been incorporated into cultural practices and generates considerable fiscal revenue for the country.

Tobacco cultivation and manufacturing in China
Tobacco was first introduced in China in the late 16th century by merchants who visited Southeast Asia. Smoking tobacco quickly spread throughout all socioeconomic levels. The thriving market prompted the growth of numerous small family tobacco farms in China during the ensuing centuries and laid solid ground for the modern tobacco manufacturing industry. Today, tobacco is widely cultivated in 24 provinces in China, but Yunnan remains the leading supplying region of tobacco leaves for its favorable climate and soil.

China’s tobacco manufacturing and retail industry are under the control of the governmental monopoly, the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration. Also, the state-owned tobacco manufacturer, China National Tobacco Corporation, is the world’s largest cigarette producer and supplies more than 40 percent of global cigarettes. The tobacco industry is a cornerstone of China’s tax revenue and contributes to between six to ten percent of China’s financial income each year.

Some of the top tobacco and cigarette companies in China include:

  1. China National Tobacco Corporation (中国烟草总公司): As the largest tobacco company in China, it dominates the country’s tobacco industry and is one of the largest tobacco companies in the world.
  2. Hongyunhonghe Tobacco (红云红河): This is a major tobacco company based in Yunnan Province, known for producing premium tobacco products.
  3. Yuxi Hongta Group (玉溪红塔集团): Another prominent tobacco company based in Yunnan Province, it produces a wide range of cigarette brands, including the famous “Hongtashan” brand.
  4. Shanghai Tobacco Group Co., Ltd. (上海烟草集团有限责任公司): Based in Shanghai, this company is one of the largest cigarette manufacturers in China, producing various brands for domestic and international markets.
  5. Guangdong Tobacco Company (广东省烟草公司): Located in Guangdong Province, this company is a key player in the tobacco industry, producing popular cigarette brands such as “Double Happiness.”
  6. Hubei Tobacco Corporation (湖北省烟草公司): Headquartered in Hubei Province, this company is known for its high-quality tobacco products and has a significant presence in the domestic market.
  7. Jiangsu Tobacco Industry Company (江苏省烟草工业公司): Based in Jiangsu Province, this company is a major producer of cigarettes and tobacco products, serving both domestic and international markets.
  8. Henan Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd. (河南省烟草工业有限责任公司): Located in Henan Province, this company is one of the leading tobacco manufacturers in China, producing a wide range of cigarette brands.
  9. Sichuan Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd. (四川省烟草工业有限责任公司): Based in Sichuan Province, this company is known for its diverse portfolio of cigarette brands and tobacco products.
  10. China Tobacco Hunan Industrial Co., Ltd. (中国烟草湖南工业有限责任公司): Headquartered in Hunan Province, this company is a major player in the tobacco industry, producing popular cigarette brands for the domestic market.

These companies represent some of the largest and most influential players in the Chinese tobacco and cigarette market.